Winter is not the time to let your daughter wear her hair loose – make sure the hair is in a protective style to prevent breakage caused by the harsh winter weather.

Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes, founder of the Earthy haircare product line, says the best hairstyle for little girls is benny-and-betty, as it’s less strenous on the hair and scalp. “The number one hairstyle for young girls is benny-and-betty. Make it as loose as possible,” she says.

Mthembu-Fawkes adds that the aim of a protective style is to protect the ends and not the roots, hence pulling isn’t advisable.

“The aim is to keep the hair flexible and protect it from the harsh winter weather. When the hair is in a protective style, it prevents it from the breakage, shredding and manipulation it would otherwise encounter if it had been worn loose,” she says.

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If you’re plaiting the style yourself, explain to your daughter that she should let you know if she’s experiencing any discomfort or pain. There’s no such thing as ubuhle buyabekezelwa. If you take her to the salon, be present while the stylist does her hair and pass on the same instructions – to both the stylist and your little one.

In a previous article in DESTINY, these three tips were recommended for maintaining your daughter’s hair and scalp:

  • In winter, hair loses a lot of moisture due to the drop in temperature outside and the heaters we use inside our homes. It’s therefore important to moisturise daily. Use natural oils like coconut oil and shea butter to nourish and lubricate your child’s hair before and after styling.
  • School-aged children are prone to getting a little bit of everything in their hair and if your child’s scalp is always sweaty, you’ll need to shampoo their hair frequently to keep it clean.
  • Take care of loose ends by applying shea butter or coconut oil to the ends of their hair to protect it from dryness and splitting.

Here are some hairstyle ideas for the next time you take your little one to the salon: 

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