He reckons that this is one of the main reasons why advertising spend is higher for less reach and provides solutions for this challenge.

Savage, one of the founders of One Inch Punch and CEO of The Eye Radio, says that in the Internet age, social relevance is everything.

Widely known as a former DJ on 5FM, he is also a filmmaker, musician, content producer, music producer, film director, composer, entrepreneur, writer and an award-winning content strategist.

“Social relevance is a pain point for a lot of brands, as it is not a natural part of their DNA and it has never been necessary in the past, when they could force brand messages on to the public just by increasing ad spend.

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“In order to unlock genuine engagement in the digital space as well as to powerfully increase your ROI, one needs to understand brand relevance deeply. The more socially relevant you are, the more social power (and ultimately reach) you get. If you are telling people how good your brand is on social media all day, you can be sure that nobody is listening, despite what Facebook’s paid boost analytics are showing you,” he explains.

Unlocking a brand’s social relevance is, therefore, the key to brand loyalty and cost reduction, as well as the key to longevity in the current marketing arena.

Savage’s core focus and forte in the content strategy include, among others, digital video content strategies as a high-performing leader in advertising.

“My passion is shaping brand purpose in a way that can be translated into the digital space so that it is easy for the consumer to understand, and that can generate genuine interest in the brand. The success that I’ve had comes from focussing on bridging the very wide gap between marketing and content creation in the form of brand integration,” he says.

Furthermore, Savage is also integrally involved in content performance and engagement across the board. He emphasises that there is a significant divide between corporate boardrooms and understanding the audience(s) to whom they are trying to communicate.

“When you are a content creator, your lifeblood depends on your work getting traction in the real world and this is an important skill that advertisers are still figuring out,” he says.

One Inch Punch’s goal is to assist South Africa to move forward and become a global powerhouse through creating global social relevance in African content in collaboration with great brands. They agency is deeply involved in projects that serve artists, musicians, fashion designers, DJ’s, photographers and writers, among others. It enables brands to access culture.

Commenting on the current SA marketing industry, Savage states boldly: “It’s taking a long time for brands to come around. They are understandably fearful and I believe there to be a lot of specialists in the digital space who aren’t making things any easier by continuing as if it’s business as usual. It’s not. It’s tough. To be in the digital space you have to constantly innovate and most importantly, test and respond to the analytics that are coming back. If you ignore what your audience is saying and continue to try and force your message outwards, you are literally ignoring your potential customer base and wasting your money.

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“It’s scary for brands to spend money in the digital space because they have to be willing to take some risks. The alternative is far worse, for example, the perpetual boosting of Facebook ads, as they are getting more expensive for a whole lot less reach – they are having almost no impact, apart from delivering meaningless stats to justify the spend. But they feel safer doing it than aggressively experimenting with content. Some strong brands are starting to make a move, but many are waiting until the last possible minute to adapt, which is dangerous when social relevance is so competitive as you have to establish your position early – it’s not a problem you can just throw money at. It takes time to establish social relevance; not money.”

He concludes that social relevance and consistency are worth their weight in gold in the digital space. “You can spend all the money in your budget on reach, but if the message doesn’t resonate, your audience will ignore it – whether you want to believe that depends on how much money you are willing to throw away,” he says.