In the song, Heaven, the rapper pays tribute to a number of influential people, both local and international, who have died over the years, including struggle veteran Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

The song describes Proverb’s version of heaven, and we’ve got to say, it sounds like a pretty happy place.

“The first people you meet are your family. Mama Winnie signs you in on the register, Steven Hawking walks you to your seat. And then, there’s Brah Hugh standing next to Gugu, watching Lulu Dikana rock a set in Zulu, performing Letta Mbulu’s Not Yet Uhuru, then Nelson Mandela comes to express ubuntu,” he raps in a portion of the first verse.

Apart from his fans, Proverb’s fellow musos seem to be liking it too.

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“This here ladies and gentlemen is one of the best pieces of art I’ve come across in a while!!! Wow!!! The words! The pictures! The flows. The punchlines! The creativity! The story!!! The music! Oh my God!!!! The music!!!! Wow!!! (sic),” rapper Reason commended Proverb on social media.

– The Juice