The celebrities on stage at the Comedy Central Roast of Somizi collectively have over 5,5 million followers on Twitter, so it’s no surprise that the roast trended on the platform. But how did the celebs handle the live audience?  


Pre-roast fear factor: 9/10

Hottest roast: To Gareth Cliff: “You know you are useless in life when you leave a show and no-one cries. When you left Idols, no-one did… Not even Unathi.”

Coldest shade: “I’m the face of McCafe: happy, bright, exciting. And DStv. You have OLX. Ugly, old, difficult to sell.” – Somizi

Post-roast rating: 10/10



Pre-roast fear factor: 6/10

Hottest roast: “Somizi, I love you but you were really crap in Sarafina when you tried to play that straight guy.”

Coldest shade: “Joanne, you went from a national TV station to a regional radio station – your career is in reverse. You’re like the Benjamin Button of South African media. What’s next for you? Touch HD?” – Gareth Cliff

Post-roast rating: 9/10


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Pre-roast fear factor: 6/10

Hottest roast: “I’m very sad that you’re no longer single. The last time I had sex with someone as beautiful as you was when I was f**king Maps Maponyane… You know the guilty smile he has on those Samsung ads? That’s because he exploded harder than the Galaxy Note 7.”

Coldest shade: “Schalk, you look poor, like you’ve wasted your white privilege… We take one look at you and we know you don’t have the land.” – Skhumba

Post-roast rating: 8/10



Pre-roast fear factor: 7/10

Hottest roast: To Gareth Cliff: “How does it feel to be back on TV? Don’t get used to it; it won’t last very long.”

Coldest shade: “She’s actually done a lot for the LGBTI… No, she has. She’s dated more famous gay men than I have.” – Somizi

Post-roast rating: 8/10