Setting goals or and having timelines for those goals helps to steer our vision and even motivate a sense of urgency, but we often fall into a trap of regret or self-resentment when we don’t reach the goals when we intended to. These timelines have been dictated by society and we sometimes feel like failures when we haven’t reached our goals in time.

Always remember, triumph in all spheres of life – whether it be spiritually, career-wise or physically – is never achieved overnight, sometimes not even over a year. At some point in your life you will most probably find yourself at a crossroad and you might not always take the right path. That’s OK. While there are certain things you should never apologise for, go easy on yourself when you do make mistakes, big or small. Pick yourself up and keep trying.

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Before Harrison Ford became a successful actor, he worked as a carpenter to pay his bills while building his acting career. He only saw success just before turning 35. Harry Potter author JK Rowling struggled for a few years to get her scripts approved and sold until she was in her mid-30s.

Then there’s also the late Steve Jobs, the brains behind the Apple brand. Although his company was successful for a long time, Jobs was kicked out in his early 30s before he started over. He managed to become successful once again in his mid-30s.

You get the picture, right?

Below are some of the mistakes many of us make in our 20s. The good news is we can bounce back from them.

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Reckless spending
Where your finances are concerned, save yourself from ‘living for the moment’. While a spontaneous splurge here and there is good therapy, make sure you apply discipline. A budget will save your life – literally! It’s a lot easier while still in your 20s to make a few sacrifices that will work out for your good in later years. If you don’t trust yourself, download a budgeting app or get a financial advisor to help you along.

Neglecting health
Being on a mission to achieve goals means that you’re possibly not always eating right, maintaining a good sleeping pattern, and getting in enough exercise. Statistics are fast changing and your chances of suffering from strokes and heart disease are more likely now than before. While some ailments are hereditary, do your best to stay heathy. Your future self will thank you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle because a healthy heart really is a happy heart!

Expecting friendships to last
The probability is strong that you will ‘lose’ friends or lovers in your 20s. Don’t ever feel bad about this, you’re not alone. In a previous article on DESTINY we spoke about knowing when to let go of a friendship. It could be that, without any reason, a certain friendship runs its course and you find that you don’t keep in contact as often as you used to. Remember, some friendships are meant for life, while others are seasonal. Break-ups don’t have to be bitter. A clear sign of moving on is when you’re sincerely able to wish your friend well when you part ways.

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Not planning ahead

Although it’s trial and error all the way (are you ever fully prepared for adulthood?), your 20s may be a good time to plan for the future. Life is unpredictable and you may not have forever to put yourself (and your family) in good stead for the days to come, so seek help from a financial advisor on which policies to take out, how to manage your pension fund and what sort of investments to make.

Being too busy planning ahead

On the flip side, being too consumed with plans for the future could rob you of today and in turn make you a miserable person. Maintain a balance by having a plan in place for latter days while enjoying life. Make memories, take time out for yourself, nurture healthy relationships and adopt a mentality of gratitude for small things. You’ll be surprised at how this can affect your mood and ultimately your lifestyle.

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