Colours are powerful and affect your mood without you even realising it. It can be a way to communicate without saying a word and you can make a statement by embracing the provocative hue that is purple.

The colour has been associated with royalty, mysticism, spirituality, thoughtfulness, creativity, originality and unconventional artistic brilliance. Music icons Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix have all used it is an expression of individually and to push boundaries.

Toast to purple

No celebration is complete without bubbles and Pongrácz Noble Nectar is fully committed to honouring the colour purple.

With citrus notes, pear and litchi, stem glasses will be filled to the brim. With a purple-hued bottle, Pongrácz Noble Nectar is bold, beautiful and striking. When placed under a UV-light, the bottle is illuminated.

Made using the traditional French method, which secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, Pongrácz Noble Nectar is a style icon.


In the past, the colour purple has also represented power and wealth. This comes from the rarity and cost of dye that was used to originally produce it, which meant only rulers of countries could afford purple fabric.

The dye came from the ancient Phoenician trading city of Tyre and was found in a small mollusk unique to that region. It took thousands of mollusks to create just one gram of Tyrian purple.

During the the Elizabethan era, sumptuary laws were put in place that dictated which colours, fabrics and clothes could be worn by different classes in English society. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the law dictated that only she and her family could wear the colour.


Nowadays, we can all celebrate the colour! Don’t hold back – buy those beautiful purple statement heels and strut your stuff like you own the catwalk.

Incorporate it in your outfit with a blazer, winter tights or clutch bag. It can also be used in accent points in your makeup or as accessories – eye shadow, lipstick or even your sunglasses or spectacles.