Teaming up with The Kilimanjaro Project and with her mum and mother-in-law by her side, Letshego will be planting trees along the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro tomorrow as a way of keeping the race-car driver’s legacy alive.

“Trees are living legacies, unlike flowers that wilt and die and are thrown away. Trees that are nurtured and can grow to provide fruit, shade, water, nourishment to the communities in which the grow. Trees are a gift that keeps on giving and they are reminders of life,” Letshego said.

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“Gugu touched so many lives when he was alive and through this lifelong project, he will continue to touch many more.”

She said a nursery would also be set up in Marangu, a town in the Kilimanjaro region, in Zulu’s name, which will keep producing trees for decades to come.

Zulu passed away while summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016 on a Trek4Mandela expedition in aid of raising funds for sanitary pads for schoolgirls.

Last year, the mum of one summited the mountain in honour of Zulu.

This year, she says she’s come to grips with her loss and has emerged from a dark place into a lighter, celebratory phase.

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“I try to celebrate his life. I’m not mourning or sad anymore. I choose to live my life by celebrating his life, and do things in his memory to make memories for our daughter,” she was quoted saying in an IOL report.

“Trees live on for hundreds of years, and I can always go back with my grandkids in the future to revisit the trees planted in honour of their grandfather, so it is more about leaving a legacy.”