Tech review site has compiled a report of the guilty pleasure online searches people in 112 countries around the world conduct when they think no-one is watching.

The results range from the mundane to the steamy and everything in-between.

As it turns out, South Africa’s top guilty pleasure search was sugar daddy websites.

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The website says it compiled a list of popular topics people were likely to search for on Google and cross-referenced it with Google Trends data “to find out which saucy topics people in each country are most likely to search for”.

SA’s result isn’t entirely surprising when you consider the blesser phenomenon that has swept the country in recent years. Who can forget the outrage at – and in some corners outright support of – social media platform Blesserfinder, the site that helps connect women with rich men who can finance their lifestyles.

Women in Nigeria were just as interested in searching for sugar daddies as their peers in SA, with the most searched for online guilty pleasure.

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Ghanaian Internet users were most interested in searching about online dating, while Egyptians and Ethiopians are secretly surfing for free adult content.

Looking globally, people in Spanish-speaking countries, including Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay and Argentina, search for love on Tinder, Grinder or similar online dating sites.

People living in France, Croatia, Norway, Romania and Slovakia seem to have a thing for a good conspiracy theory, with this phrase being their online guilty pleasure.