Salamina Mosese talks entrepreneurship and new film Baby Mamas

Actress and entrepreneur Salamina Mosese did double-duty on her new film Baby Mamas as an actress and producer. She talks about her production company, Sorele Media, with friend and fellow actress Stephina Zwane

She made a name for herself as an actress, appearing on shows such as Soul Buddyz, Soul City and Backstage, but Mosese is reinventing herself as an entrepreneur and filmmaker.

Through her Sorele Media, she has produced Baby Mamas, which will hit the movie circuit in October. The movie stars Dineo Ranaka, Thembisa Mdoda, Kay Smith and Mosese herself.

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You have a business with Stephina Zwane – tell us more about it.

Stephina and I have a media and production house called Sorele Media. We have been operating since 2015. Our focus is content for digital channels, like Azatv, our channel, and also film production. We have produced two feature films so far, the first was Love and Kwaito and the latest is Baby Mamas, which will be released theatrically around October this year. We also do corporate projects for various companies.

What prompted you to partner with Zwane, who also directed Baby Mamas?

Stephina and I have known each other for many years, as colleagues working together on CRAZe many years ago, and as friends. We have similar interests, yet have different strengths. This is an important consideration when thinking of whom to partner with.

What advice would you give to those looking for business partner?

You need to know what this person stands for, how they approach stressful situations, and most importantly, what are their attitudes towards money. You want to be in business with someone whose journey you were either a part of, or who’s journey you just understand. Trust is the most important consideration when you partner with someone.

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What prompted the change from being an actress and TV presenter to starting a company?

I have been on TV now for 20 years. Entrepreneurship was the next chapter in my media journey. Once I became a mum, it became increasingly important to me to be able to own my time. I like to be available at the drop of a hat for my daughter, to be able to pick her up at school, to attend her school events, without having to worry that I need to get permission from someone else. Thats the freedom that I was after, and owning my own company has helped me to be the kind of mum I’ve always wanted to be – present, financially independent and driven.

Other than Sorele Media and Abomzala, what else are you working on professionally?

Running a small business is more than a full-time job – you just never stop working. I took some time off to even shoot Abomzala in October 2017. The company is now focused on getting into important film festivals with our new project, Baby Mamas. We have a lot of planning to do for the marketing drive before we release in cinemas. This keeps me busy.