DJing is not just about playing music – it’s about controlling emotions and moods. With the advent of digital, vinyl is seldom used anymore, with most DJs relying on CD players to get the tunes out.

Here are a few pointers that should help:
– Listen to different material that span different genres to find your favourite beat.
– Start networking, go to a lot of shows and hanging out at record shops. This will help you to make friends in the industry.
– Enrol at a sound engineering course. Contact the Academy of Sound Engineering (011 482 9200, or contact one of the many Intec colleges around South Africa (
– Read premier DJing publications such as BPM ( and Mix magazine ( to learn about the latest trends and equipment.
– When it comes to equipment, hit the internet to see if you can pick up a set of secondhand decks – new equipment doesn’t come cheap.
– Don’t take advice from everyone. Try things out for yourself – what works for some people might not work for you.
– Practice, practice, practice!