Squeaking brakes
A fairly common sound, but it’s not too much of a problem. It’s caused by worn brake pads, and the noise you hear is the metal backing of the pad scraping the metal disc of your wheel. Your best bet is to replace the pads at your dealer, otherwise your car will have reduced stopping power.

Cracking noise when cornering
This sound could be worn-out CV joints. It’s an important part of a front-wheel drive car, as it allows the wheels to turn. If the joint breaks, you will be stuck by the side of the road, as there will be no power going to the wheels.

Knocking noises from the suspension on a rough road
The suspension top mounts could be worn – this is highly dangerous as the last thing you want, is the suspension moving freely around when cornering. Your vehicle’s handling will be appalling and could result in a nasty accident.

The gearbox makes a grinding noise
Either the clutch is not being utilised when it comes to changing gears, or the synchromesh is worn. The synchromesh matches the engine speeds with the gearbox speeds so that the gears mesh smoothly. If you ignore this problem, you could face a complete gearbox failure.

High-pitched whistling noise under acceleration
If you own a turbocharged car and hear a high-pitched whistle instead of the usual turbo spooling noise, as well as feel a power drop, then something is not right. The most likely cause of this problem is a leak in the boost somewhere. It could be a boost pipe that has come off, or a loose clip that is leaking air.