Raymond Clark*, a former private investigator from East London, who’s seen more than his fair share of cheating couples, says, “Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are numerous signs that often indicate unfaithfulness.”
What to look out for:
•    Your partner avoids going to public places with you She prefers staying in more than before, but goes out with her “friends”.
•    She starts carrying condoms with her They aren’t being kept in storage for you!
•    She makes excuses to avoid seeing you If she was around every single night and is now scarcer than an honest politician, start to worry.
•    She is obsessive about privacy For example, when her cellphone rings or beeps, she rushes to grab it and demands you don’t touch or answer it.
•    She becomes extremely autonomous “We” becomes “I”.
•    Overfriendliness A sign that her guilt could be seeping in.
•    Decrease in affection and sexual interaction If she’s getting her fix from someone else, she won’t require your loving.
•    Lashing out If every conversation you have turns into an argument, it could symbolise that, subconsciously, she’s trying to justify her affair.

“However, it’s extremely important that you have conclusive evidence before you confront your partner, otherwise the situation could turn ugly if she actually isn’t cheating,” Raymond concludes.

* Not his real name.