10. Jewellery
Every man needs a subtle hint of bling, be it a simple bracelet or chain around the neck. Jewellery shows you have style, but remember – less is more.

9. Aftershave
Looking stylish is good, but smelling what women would classify as “yummy” is great. You don’t need to spend a fortune to smell grand – shop around for the best bargains, and consult your female friends to find a fragrance that works for you.

8. Jeans
A well fitting, stylish pair of denims is one of the quintessential fashion necessities of the modern man. They are comfortable yet stylish, and can be worn anytime.
7. Laptop
A laptop shows that you are independent and up to date with technology.

6. Car
In a country where public transport is not always an option, a car is a very necessary investment. The current recession means slumped car sales and the potential to pick up a bargain.

5. Smart shoes
As comfortable as sneakers are, they lend no credibility in the corporate world. Take a Saturday morning to explore scour the shops for a pair that will complement an office outfit.

4. Watch
Time is money and a watch provides the perfect accessory to keep those flying minutes in check.

3. Coat
Trench coats are this winter’s must-have, and no man is complete without a decent coat. Trenches are classic, yet have a contemporary twist – all while being super comfortable.
2. Suit
Every man needs a decent suit that he can wear to most formal occasions. Go for a classic design.  

1. Mobile phone
Believe it or not, but a mobile phone is the wisest investment a man can buy. With a BlackBerry, it is even possible to have your office in the palm of your hand.