We reach for chemicals and harsh products to treat our hair, and we don’t protect it from the sun, environment or heat – and then we still wonder why we have wild-looking hair! Remember, rough handling will make your crowning glory misbehave.

Do not shampoo every day. Shampoo is a harsh cleanser which strips product and excess oils. Try holding out for three days, and then using a gentle, moisturising shampoo with ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera and panthenol, which is a vitamin B-based moisturiser. Never use a 2-in-1 product, as the soap content washes out the benefits of the conditioner.

Condition, condition! Use a thick, moisturising conditioner that contains coconut oils, aloe vera or panthenol. Ethnic hair is usually lower in moisture than Caucasian hair, so use treatments that put moisture and protein back in. Avoid products with strong fragrances, as these typically contain alcohol, which dries out hair.

Ease the frizz. After conditioning your hair, blot it with a towel – rubbing hair vigorously roughs up the cuticles. Detangle it using a wide-tooth comb and apply a leave-in treatment to protect your hair from heat damage.
If you blow-dry, use a medium setting and the best possible brush – a natural bristle paddle brush. Using plastic is incredibly damaging to your hair.

Remember not to touch your hair too often. Moist, hot hands lead to frizz!