The right fringe can hide imperfections, emphasise, soften and sculpt the face.

Oval face shape: You can wear any shape you choose. You can use your fringe to draw attention toward or away from a facial feature. A short fringe works well to emphasise the eyes.

Square face shape: A side-swept fringe that gently curves or tapers towards the jawline will soften sharp features.

Round face shape: Go for an angled, feathered or layered fringe that frames the cheek. This will help minimise roundness.

Heart-shaped face: A long or short blunt fringe, cut straight across, looks great with this shape. Another option is an angled fringe, to create the illusion of overall softness.

Long face shape: This shape will benefit most from a blunt fringe, cut close to the brows. Adding long layers is another great option to play down the length and soften the face.