In an effort to make ethnic hair sleeker and easier to handle, many women turn to relaxing their hair. While the end result may look fantastic, the prolonged use of strong chemicals can take its toll on the hair. Relaxed hair is vulnerable to damage caused by breakage and split ends. The best way to keep chemically straightened hair healthy is to develop a weekly deep conditioning routine. This will properly hydrate your hair from roots to tips. Use a formula for chemically treated hair to replace lost nutrients. Try to avoid heat-styling for a few days after relaxing.

If your hair appears to be oily, greasy or limp, there is a list of ingredients you should avoid. Products containing cocoa butter, wax, lanolin and petroleum only make your hair oilier. Use a good clarifying shampoo twice a week to remove any traces of styling product. If you have to use a heavy product, use it sparingly.

If you have bleached your hair, you need to take extra care. Deep condition once a week and wash only when your hair really needs it. Try to avoid daily heat-styling and be gentle when brushing.