To add body and sexy volume
Use mousse and/or a volumising spray. It creats body and movement, enhances volume and controls and waves.
Hair types: Fine and naturally curly hair.
Hair styles: Medium to long.

To control frizz and static
– Use pomades and balms. Balms are great for relaxing tighter curls into waves.
Hair types: Thick or curly hair that needs extra control.
Hair styles: To define or add texture to shorter cuts.
– Use a cream, wax or paste.
Hair types: If you have fine hair, don’t use wax.
Hair styles: For all shorter styles needing definition and texture. For more extreme sculpted styles, try a hair “glue”.

For gorgeously shiny hair
Use glossers and shine serums.
Hair types: All hair can benefit from these products. They promote smoothness and shine and help to eliminate flyaway hair and static. Use during or at the end of styling.

To add bulk or texture to fine hair
Use hair thickeners or texturisers. These products add texture and grip to fine hair, making styling easier and creating the appearance of thicker hair. Apply to wet hair.

Protecting your hair
If you use a hairdryer, curling irons or a flat iron, you will need a thermal protector. Use it before other products, to create a barrier between your hair and the heat.