Having split ends doesn’t have to be a problem if you know the right way to care for your tresses. What are split ends and what causes them? When the hair’s cuticle is damaged or stripped away, it results in the hair being unprotected, causing brittle and dry hair ends, which are noticeably split in half. If you continue to get hair treatments that put stress on your hair, such as chemical relaxers and colour, your split ends will only get worse. The longer split ends remain, the faster they move up the strands, destroying the entire shaft. Other culprits are exposure to sun, daily heat styling and excessive brushing.

The main way to get rid of existing split ends is to have them trimmed off. One of the best ways to avoid getting split ends in the first place is to have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks. Between treatments and trims at a salon, practise diligent hair care by feeding the hair with a collagen conditioning treatment. Avoid stressing your hair on a daily basis by decrease the amount of heat styling you do each day. That means no more straightening irons or blow dryers on a daily basis.