The first and most popular no-wash hairstyle is the ponytail. Wear it high, spraying it at the roots before you pull it back, or low in the nape of the neck to hide yesterday’s product.

The second style needs some thought the night before. If you have a late night, before you go to bed, pull your hair into a loose bun on top of your head. When you wake up, let your hair fall into soft, natural waves. This style can also be pulled into a stylish loose knot at the base of the neck.

Big waves actually work better when your hair is not freshly washed. Brush your hair to activate any leftover product and spray evenly and lightly with hairspray. Wrap sections of hair around a large-barrel curling iron, allowing the curls to fall around your face and down your back. Turning the iron away from your face in the front sections will keep the hair out of your eyes.  You can also achieve this soft curl using your flat iron. Don’t style the curls, but let them blend during the day.

The best solution for short hair is the flat iron. Iron the underneath hair first, as this prevents bedhead hair from puffing up the top layers. If you want body and to save time, you can skip the middle layers. Take the time to straighten and smooth the top layers from the root to the tip. Finish with product.