The only way to keep yourself looking great is by keeping yourself cool. Make-up and heat don't mix well, so make things easier by skipping layers of foundation and powder. This is where tinted moisturisers and bronzers really come into their own. These products allow your skin to breathe and keep your complexion blemish-free and your pores unclogged. Keep sweat to a minimum by carrying moist wipes or oil-absorbing sheets to tone down shine. A good sun care product is also essential to avoid UV damage.

Depending on your hair type, the heat may not let your favourite style survive intact. Instead of blowdrying your hair straight, opt for ponytails, braids and other up-styles that keep your hair from sticking to your neck. Hair brushing against skin can cause irritation and constant scratching. To avoid a breakout on your forehead, pin your fringe up and away from your face. To protect your hair, use a salon-quality product that is formulated to moisturise your hair, but is lightweight enough not to weigh it down.

To maintain clear and healthy skin, drink lots of water for hydration and any make-up you apply should be thoroughly washed off before going to bed.