Paint: The good news is that most paints are now formulated to wash out with water. However, if you get oil-based paint in your hair, you’ll have to use a paint remover or nail varnish remover. Remember to check if the product is safe to use on skin.
Glue: With most glues, the best thing to do is to allow it to dry, picking out the larger bits and then washing the hair.
Petroleum jelly: To remove petroleum jelly from your hair, try baby powder or corn starch. Work the powder into the hair, giving it time to absorb the petroleum jelly. Wash with a clarifying shampoo. You might need to repeat this process.
Gum: Getting gum stuck in your hair is also a common occurrence. Careful removal is suggested, as a stubborn piece of gum can result in an unwanted hair cut. The best options are to freeze the gum with a block of ice and breaking it apart once it hardens, or, if it has formed a knot, try cooking or olive oil to soften the gum, then comb through with a wide tooth comb.