The main cause of damage to relaxed hair is chemical over-processing. When relaxer is overlapped on the hair as well as the regrowth, it causes massive stress and breakage. With braids, damage occurs because too much tension around the hairline can cause breakage and hair loss. Over time, the hair loss can become permanent.

Wash your hair, on average, every seven to eleven days, depending on your hair type and life style. If you work out, you might want to wash your hair more often. With braids and weaves, it’s important to cleanse the scalp rather than treat the hair. Use a deep cleansing shampoo that will remove product, dirt and oil. With braids, remember to cleanse the bulb of the braid, as that is where the oil and dust collects.

All hair can benefit from a deep conditioning treatment every three weeks. It keeps the hair nourished and moisturised while making the hair look and feel more alive.

Remember not to over-oil relaxed hair. Avoid loading the root area with too much product – instead, apply the product from mid-length to the ends, no more than three times a week.