Hot pink and orange used to be solely reserved for the catwalk and fashion magazines – but not anymore. Hot pink lips, if done right, are more than welcome in the everyday world. Apply your colour using a firm lip brush in a shade that works with your skin. After applying the colour, line the edges of the lips in a creamy nude colour to prevent bleeding.

In addition to sporting hot lips, eyeliner is a must this season. When applying your eyeliner, it's vital you maintain control while lining to avoid creating lines that are too thick. A great trick while lining your eyes is to place your fingers near the tip of the eyeliner pencil. This gives you greater control, as opposed to holding it further down. Start by tracing the inner and outer edges of the bottom lashest. Starting on the bottom prevents smudging the top line when you look up.

For smokey blue eyes and nude lips, begin by lining the eyes with a navy blue liner, gently smudging your liner with a brush to prevent harsh lines. Now take your blue shadow – matte is best for this look – and apply it to the centre of your lid, but don't blend beyond the crease of the eye. Lastly, apply your favourite nude lip colour and you're good to go!