When it comes to make-up, having a fair complexion can be difficult to deal with. Just because your skin is on the paler side, doesn't mean you have to settle for looking like a ghost. Knowing what colours work for your face and how to apply them is the best way to bring out a pale complexion.

Don't be afraid of foundation. A light liquid foundation will even out slight redness in the skin. Apply and blend with a foundation brush, building your colour layer by layer. This will give you a softer and more natural look, adding colour to your face without it looking like a mask. Tinted moisturisers are an excellent option if you are not a fan of foundation.

To add more colour, try a bronzer or blush in a peach or pink tone. If you're using a bronzer, use a light touch by sweeping it across your forehead, cheeks and the bridge of your nose. Don't use a colour that is too bronze, or you'll end up looking unnaturally tanned.

Mascara and lip colour are two of the best ways to make your complexion work for you. Black mascara can look too dramatic on fair skin, so opt for brown mascara for a more natural look. Red lips tend to work really well for fair-skinned gals, but if that's a little too much for you, try a softer shade of red or pink, combined with gloss, for a shimmering pout.