You've been involved for a while now – are we on the right track as far as development is concerned?
"We're doing a much better job than previously. We need to develop proper structures to train both the players and coaches and give them exposure to test themselves against their peers at an early stage."

It seems school tennis is strong, but what happens to the talent when they leave school?
"What's happening these days is that there are a lot of kids who do home-schooling, so they commit to tennis. The problem is the college system is not in place and, at times, not even there. So their options are to either go overseas or consider another career. It's also expensive as you grow in the game and the parents pay out of their pockets."

Is there another Wayne brewing within the junior ranks?
"There are one or two kids who I believe can go all the way. But in sports there are no guarantees. I've seen kids who are not necessarily the most talented, but have a high work ethic and they make it. Ultimately, it's up to them to show their will and commitment."