One challenge that most mature brides face is their complexion. It is inevitable that over the years, your skin will start to sag a little, fine lines and wrinkles may start to crop up and your face may look less than youthful. But with the right make-up and skincare products, you can create a flawless complexion.

Start by exfoliating once or twice a week. This helps combat a dull complexion. Use a quality moisturiser, preferably one with sunscreen, and use anti-aging products to improve the texture of your skin. With your skincare routine in place, your face should be able to wear make-up without looking like a mask.

Since your special day will be a long one, mature brides should take care to ensure their make-up holds for several hours. To achieve this, use a primer on your entire face before applying foundation. This will set your make-up and allow it to go on smoothly. Silicone-based primers are best and wash off easily. Depending on your skin type, liquid foundation tends to look more natural on mature skin. If you are thinking about using powder, keep it to a minimum. Use it only to combat shine and don't use it around the eyes. Additionally, mature brides will want to go light on the blush. Stick to safe shades of peach, soft pink or bronze.

While you want your eyes to stand out on your wedding day, do it the right way. Don't splash a load of colour on your eyelids – you will regret it! Instead, use soft, neutral, earth tones. Avoid falling prey to tarantula eyes by limiting your mascara to only one or two coats.