What advice do you have for coping with a break-up?
– Time: Give yourself the time to grieve fully by expressing and feeling the hurt and loss. Do not overcommit with work and/or social engagements. Write in a journal, as this helps unclutter the brain and acknowledge your emotions.  
Grace: Show yourself the same kindness you would show somebody else in the same situation. Don't blame or berate yourself with constant "if onlys" and "why didn'ts". 
Unveil: Re-discover yourself and consider trying out some activity you have always wanted to. Get to know yourself, respect and appreciate yourself and listen to yourself. Learn from the past.
Celebrate: Find something to celebrate and be grateful for each day. Do whatever it is that makes your heart feel alive. 
Open heart: Don't shut down to being loved or loving again. To "protect" your heart by not allowing it to love again is not protecting it… it is denying it the chance of love or loving.

When is it time to walk away? 
This is a decision an individual would have to make for themselves. Supportive family and friends are a good source of useful feedback and advice, but the final decisions must always rest with you. 
How do you handle a cheating boyfriend?
In my opinion, a boyfriend who has cheated on you does not value himself – or you. There will always be temptation, but a mature man will resist it and remain faithful, no matter how tempting the offer! If there are problems within the relationship then a mature man will confront and overcome them. If not successfully resolved then he should break up with you before indulging in activities with other partners. I would suggest breaking up with a cheating boyfriend to allow him time to mature, develop character and discover what he really values and wants in a partner. 

What was your biggest learning curve?
My biggest learning curve has probably been the differences between men and women in terms of strength and vulnerability. A man's vulnerability is his sense of adequacy or "having what it takes" and a woman's vulnerability is her sense of being captivating and "do you think I'm beautiful?". If each partner affirms the other in those areas, the relationship can be awesome. If however, to get what they want, each partner exploits, manipulates or exposes their partner's vulnerabilities, the relationship can be a battle with no winners.

What is your power perspective? 
That we are freed by love to love. As you celebrate yourself and your unique and amazing life, you will be filled with love, joy and happiness.