Robin Sharma says that to succeed and fulfil your potential, you need to become a leader, regardless of what position you hold. If you remember these eight acronyms, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a leader without a title, he says.

The eight acronyms of leaders without titles

1. APR: Absolute Personal Responsibility. By following this principle, victims become leaders.
2. OAD: Obsessive Attention to Detail. The more you allow sloppiness, the more it accumulates.
3. LBE: Lead by Example.
4. ABDOV: Always Be Delivering Outrageous Value. The best companies compete on relationships, not price.
5. NSI: Never Stop Improving.
6. BIW: Best in the World. Work towards making your business or company you work for the best it can be.
7. BRBO: Best Resources offer the Best Opportunities.
8. KMF: Keep Moving Forward.

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