The main relationship killer

According to Leandra Harrison, a counselling psychologist, "The main reason relationships come to an end is a lack of communication, with partners not talking about their wants, needs, thoughts and feelings. They feel like they no longer know or understand one another and are unable to meet one another's needs, but they actually haven't even communicated this to one another."

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

Cheating isn't necessarily the only reason couples should break up. Be the bigger person and leave an unhealthy relationship, especially if yours is characteristic of the following:
• You re-connect with ex lovers. Any excuse to take your ex out for dinner and a movie "just to catch up" means you're unhappy in your current relationship.
• Lack of interest. If your partner is unwilling to commit to, or even attempt to, change the relationship, it's a sign it's over.
• Signs of abuse. Abusive relationships, be it physical, sexual, verbal or emotional, are seriously unhealthy and should be ended.
• You don't relate to one another in the same way. The way that you communicate with each other is essential when sustaining a relationship. If there's an absence of mutual respect, then your relationship won't be able to be repaired.
• You don't trust them. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. If you feel you don't trust your partner with regards to infidelity, abuse, substance use, lack of love, concern and care, then there's no hope for the relationship to last.

Signs they may be cheating

It's easy to catch a cheater if you follow the signs. Here's what to look out for:
• You don't go out in public anymore. If you never go out for dinner or a club with your partner but they are always going out with their "friends", then they could be slipping off to see someone else.
• Carrying condoms. They start carrying condoms around with them in their wallet or purse but you never use them.
• They insist on remaining private. If they get defensive when you ask who called, or freak out if you use their computer then they definitely have something to hide.
• You're not sleeping together anymore. If you previously had a healthy sex life and it's died down somewhat, then it might mean your partners getting their fix somewhere else. This may not necessarily mean that they're cheating on you but it does mean they're losing interest
• Constant fighting. If they're lashing out at you unfairly or seem overly-friendly than they may be covering up an affair or trying to justify it.