A team of exercise specialists at Virgin Life Care have the following tips:

– As you increase the gradient of your terrain, so the difficulty also increases. With an increased gradient comes an elevated heart rate, so you will get tired quicker, whereas downhill running is not hard on the heart rate, but takes quite a toll on your legs.
– To mimic running on the road, your treadmill gradient should be increased to 1,5%.
– The most important aspect of variation in your running gradient is that you try and include it – don’t avoid the hilly routes in your training runs, as they make you stronger for the hills you will encounter during races.

– Speed and intensity are two of the most important components when upping your fitness levels. If the speed increases, decrease the time spent running.
– Add speed intervals for periods of longer running.

How to maximise your running workout
– Variety: Don’t do the same things every day. Focus on speed one day, add hills the next or do some longer runs for a change.
– Stretch: Always warm up to avoid injuries.
– Strength training: It helps improve your running and avoid injuries.
– Time: Whether you prefer early morning or evening, find a time that works for you and put it in your calendar.