– Saving on commuting costs
Without travelling to and from work each day, you stand to save a lot of money.

– Saving on travelling time
You’ll spend less time on the road, making your day more productive.

– Flexible schedule
You’ll have more time to spend with your children, run a household or dedicate to your hobbies, as it’s easier to arrange your schedule to fit in other activities.

– No dress code
There’s no need to update your wardrobe constantly so you save money.

– Tax deductions
You can claim back costs incurred while working from home.

– Work and home intertwine
You never really leave work so your job often crosses over into your personal time.

– Office expenses
You’ll have to cover your stationery and internet expenses (but you can claim it back from tax).

– A lack of motivation
Unless you’re a very committed employee, it’s hard to stay motivated as there is a lack of competitive spirit.

– Possibly missing job opportunities
When you’re out of the office, you pass up opportunities to build relationships with your colleagues. You’ll also miss out on the inside scoop at the office, which may lead you to miss career opportunities.