McCain have a few clever ideas to help you get your kids to eat their greens. It’s important that growing children get their daily intake of fresh fruit and veggies, as it’s packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Try these tricks next time you’re cooking dinner:

1. Get the kids involved with the preparations. If they help you make dinner, they’ll be more inclined to eat it, as they’ll want to taste what they made.

2. Set a good example by eating greens everyday. You can’t expect your kids to be enthusiastic about eating something you yourself don’t want to eat it!

3. Mix vegetables into their favourite meals. They won’t notice grated carrot in their bolognaise or sweet potatoes mixed in with their mash.

4. Don’t over- or undercook veggies. No wonder they don’t want to eat it – it’s not cooked right! Prepare vegetables the correct way and it will taste great. Rather steam or grill veggies than boiling them to death.

5. Add some butter. A tiny blob of butter will make almost anything taste better! But the keyword here is “tiny” – don’t overdo it!

6. Use interesting spices. Nutmeg or cinnamon adds a delicious flavour and taste to pumpkin – plus it smells divine!