Proper care for pets
Dr Roy Page of the South African Companion Animal Council offers his top 10 tips on how to care for your pet responsibly:

1. Make provision for the care of your pet for its entire lifespan.

2. Choose your pet carefully to match your lifestyle and home environment.

3. Interact positively with your pet every day.

4. Provide adequate shelter and protection from harm.

5. Feed a specifically prepared pet food to meet your pet’s nutritional needs and provide fresh, clean drinking water.

6. Take your pet to a veterinarian for a wellness examination at least once a year.

7. Ensure that your pet receives regular vaccinations at your local veterinarian throughout its life.

8. Always choose an approved preventative treatment against external (fleas and ticks) and internal (worms) parasites and treat your pet regularly.

9. Responsible breeders register their breeding pets with a recognised breeders’ association.

10. All male and female pets should be sterilised if they’re not intended to be bred.

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