We've all experienced the dreaded bad hair day, but using the right products specifically geared to your hair type can make a world of difference. Whether you have thin, thick, straight or curly hair, let TRESemmé assist you in obtaining your desired look.

Fine hair
If “baby-fine” is how you describe your hair, it doesn’t mean that there’s not enough hair to go around. What’s lacking is bulk. Have your hair expertly cut – “blunt cuts are definitely the thing,” says TRESemmé celebrity hair stylist Matthew Mansoor. “Keep the cut simple to show off your shine.” Mansoor also suggests TRESemmé 24 Hour Volume Body Amplifying Mousse. “It’s a lightweight mousse that infuses hair with maximum body and bounce,” says Mansoor. “Don’t tease and spray your hair – embrace its glow.”

Thick hair
Pop into your trusted hairdresser for some modern shaping and tapering that will give you a bouncy, but manageable style. “A hairbrush is a powerful tool for thick hair, but be sure to brush only bone-dry hair,” says Mansoor. To cut down on blow drying time, shake your hair dry with your hands before you start to use your brush to style the hair. “Apply TRESemmé Heat Defence Styling Spray before heat styling to protect your hair and to give it a sleeker look,” Mansoor suggests.

Straight and sexy
If you have straight hair, you have many wonderful options. You could go for a permanent wave by perming your hair in a spiral perm, loose curls or kinks – remember to keep it natural. Or choose to keep it straight and add temporary curls as desired. Mansoor suggests keeping it straight. “Straight hair is chic and always has a smooth, shining glow.” To put some kink into your hair, use TRESemmé 24 Hour Volume Blow Dry Lotion while styling to protect the hair and prevent frizz. “Blow dry with a large barrel brush, turning in at the ends for the curve at the bottom of your tresses or styling to the side,” says Mansoor.

Curly hair
Exhibit control when it comes to your curls. Shape and style your curls for curl-definition. Prevent frizziness by treating your hair with TRESemmé Restructuring Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque and using TRESemmé Salon Silk Crème Serum. “Hold the blow dryer under your hair cupping – not squeezing – curls in your palm and fold it up into your desired style as you dry your hair,” suggests Mansoor. Also be sure to allow yourself enough time for proper styling – time for proper setting, thorough drying and plenty of brushwork.

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