In a week's time I’ll be sunning myself on the shores of the Ionian Islands in Greece! What better way to prepare my hands and feet for my pending Greek Odyssey than by experiencing the Synchronized Duo PediManiCure Treatment by Bastien Gonzalez at the majestic One&Only Spa in Cape Town.  

The synchronised four hands treatment focuses mainly on the nails, hands, feet, legs and arms. This is a dry-based pedi/mani-cure and no water was used during my treatment. They started with the nail treatment (the natural horn buffer was used) followed by a nail brightening technique with the application of pearly buffing cream, which consists of mother-of-pearl pigments. The nail surface appeared brighter and this helps with revascularisation. I definitely saw a more pinkish tone to the nail bed from increased blood supply.

They then moved on to the treatment of the skin cuticle as well as removal of dead skin and corns. What then followed was an amazing synchronized massage. There was a huge focus on the mobility of my joints and range of movement, concluded with the flumping of the fatty cushion underneath the sole of the feet. I opted for no varnish as the nails just looked so incredibly shiny and healthy, I felt I wanted to retain their natural look. Reverence de Bastien Varnish is Bastien’s own range of colors, which is chemical free (no formaldehyde or toluene or DBP). Be daring and try the One&Only Red.

Bastien’s philosophy is all about combining podiatry with beauty. By merging the two, this was a treatment like no other. I would highly recommend it.

Duration of treatment: 75 minutes

Cost: R1 265

There is an amazing special offer of Duo Trio – 1 Duo PediManiCure Treatment per month over 3 months (3 x treaments in total) at R2 530 (saving you R1 265). The One&Only Spa also has a winter special. For more information click here.

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