Banter about the latest trends, scandalous tales and upcoming work projects we imagine would be topics of conversation, but at the end of the night it all boils down to who wore what and if they stuck to the theme.


This year, PUNK: Chaos to Couture was  the standard set for fashionistas and high-profile celebrities who gathered at The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA.

The extremely extravagant do serves as something of a catch-up session and best-dressed look-see for the who’s who of entertainment. According to Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is all still in the name of high fashion and art, as the event serves to rake up millions in charity funding for the museum.

Of the theme itself, Campbell explained that punk contributed greatly to the fashion movement and the gala examined punk’s impact on high fashion from the movement’s birth in the 1970s, through its continuing influence today.

“Punk’s signature mixing of references was fueled by artistic developments such as Dada, and post-modernism. So it makes sense to present this exhibition in a museum that also shows the broader output of those movements. Indeed, that dialogue between art and fashion is what makes The Costume Institute so singular.”

Best dressed

Incorporating punk creatively ,while still managing to look elegant and relevant,may be a bit of a feat but actress Elizabeth Banks, singer Eve and presenter Giuliana Rancic pulled it off. Bank’s short gold number was nicely matched with tassled shoes, which gave her outfit an edge. Eve was clearly inspired by the theme as she opted for leather and lace, which complemented the singer’s frame. Although Rancic’s dress did not emphasise her slim built frame well, the dress stood out for it’s fine studded details and intricate embellishment, reminiscent of the punk era.

Half-way there

Jessica Alba and Donatella Versace’s fashion efforts did not go unnoticed as they interpreted the theme interestingly. Alba’s black dress was beautiful but fell short of the necessary attitude needed for such a theme, while Versace’s dress brought all the elements of the punk era to the fore. However, Versace’s accessories were a bit too much and she could have done without the side slits.

Worst dressed

Kim Kardashian evidently takes the crown as she showed up in a floral, high-slit dress paired with a red lip. Unfortunately, Kardashian has had one to many faux pas of late and this latest misdemeanor leaves one wondering if the stylish Kardashian still exists? Interestingly, Kardashian was banned from The Met last year by Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, but Kardashian dodged that one by arriving as Kanye West’s date.

See our list of fashion bombs below:

Alicia Keys – too simple a dress

Lala Anthony and Heidi Klum – missed the theme totally; it looked like she was attending a ball gown event.

Kerry Washington – the dress was a confusing mish-mash of satin and leather

On the fence

Madonna – some have said Madonna looked amazing in her short and lacy get-up. However, she may have taken the theme too far by mixing all the punk elements and not focusing on one.

Beyonce – Mrs Carter’s fiery dress may have missed the mark. B’s dress was emblazoned with gold-like flames that left the punk theme in the dust. As honourary chairwoman, B left us disappointed. But then again, the star is not exactly the embodiment of all things stylish.