How do you mentally prepare for these endurance events, some dubstep or visualisation?
Dubstep is a MUST! I’m usually very relaxed and only really start to focus during my warm-up for my race. Less energy spent worrying about your race means more energy in your race.

What is your take on the standard of triathlete coming out of SA compared to the rest of the world?In South Africa, we have the talent, skills and drive to win. These are the basic elements that you need for success. What we lack is exposure to world class racing and funding to get there. It’s sad to watch talent get squashed by factors out of our control getting in our way. In Europe, things are co-ordinated, focused and beneficial to the athletes. This needs to become SA’s approach for the following generation of athletes. I would love to bring about the changes needed for a better future for professionals by becoming a professional triathlon coach one day.

Do you enjoy hurting yourself? I mean, this is a tough sport, yet it is growing each year. Any idea why?
Improvement is my number one goal. Hurt is merely a mental process; one that I try to not listen to. I heard the amounts of training that the professionals were doing when I was a kid and wondered how they managed to do it. I figured, the older I get, the more I would be able to handle, and this has progressed slightly since 2010 when I became a professional. It’s a popular sport because it is achievable by all shapes and sizes, and is the best form of an overall body workout. Once you start triathlons, it becomes a great life-changing experience.

You hate tomatoes; can’t stand them. What else annoys you or do you dislike?
Yes, tomatoes are definitely a hate! I am pretty cool about things and life in general, but people with attitudes, crowded cities, traffic and paying silly amounts at the airport for my bike gets to me sometimes. I’m not great with admin either, but I am getting better and luckily have a great support system to keep it all together!

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