The Journey of the Inner Child – connecting with the insight and authenticity of the inner child:

  • A glimpse into our inner soul-self
  • Sensing the rhythm and patterns of our life

Clearing the Clutter – seeing through the clutter we accumulate along the life journey:

  • Insight into our thinking mind and how we can be the master of our thoughts and intention
  • The opportunity to look at the emotional and physical burdens that hold us back.

Re-think, Re-pack – gaining perspective about emotional energy and energetic drains

  • How to remain emotionally in control; to view from enlightened perspective
  • Methods to use Left / Right brain functioning to stabilize emotions.
  • How to work with the mind to set positive thought processes in motion.

Setting Sail for your Destination – steering through to alignment of soul’s purpose. Mapping the life path to find perspective and meaning

  • The formula to find your heart’s desire and work towards it.
  • The ability to see our lives in a more creative way, even in the “menial”.

Honouring the Journey of Pain and Disappointment – the greatest gift we can give ourselves is that of Release, but how do we do it?

  • Guidance on how to use energy to release blockages so that the system can flow.

Sorting out the Ego Mind and the Whole Mind Perspective – understanding Mind perspective

  • How to harness the thought processes that enable us to make the changes that will sustain us and bring greater harmony in our own lives and into the lives of those with whom we share this life path
  • Connecting our walk through this life to our authentic guiding light.

To read about other soulful spaces go to page 136 of the October 2013 issue of DESTINY