It really came as no surprise that Boity Thulo was named the face of Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN), a wellness brand that provides an array of nutritious products for gym bunnies.

On a regular day, Boity can be found at the gym, busting a sweat in a bid to maintain her healthy lifestyle. She joins current Miss SA, Marilyn Ramos, and Olympic star, Cameron Van Den Burgh, as ambassadors for the brand. We speak to the vibrant media personality and actress about her new venture and more.

What goals do you have for your partnership with USN?

Funnily enough, I was using the products prior to me being an ambassador. The USN products give the most incredible results. It was a blessing in disguise when they approached me and wanted to make me an ambassador. I was shocked because it was as if they knew I was using their products and that I loved using them so much.

My goal is to spread the word about how good they are and, basically, all people want to do is see results and that is exactly what the USN products will give you. That’s the best way I can describe them.

Girls are always asking: “How do I become toned? How can I lose weight?” USN assists you with all the body issues such as weight loss, cellulite, getting ripped and getting toned. There is something for everyone. I want to spread the fact that people can use them and that they are safe because there is a preconceived notion that supplements are unhealthy. But they are healthy and good for your body.

What are your five tips for looking good?

Confidence, a great smile, inner beauty, keeping fit, good nutrition and skin care.