“I must admit that our conference begins on a bit of a higher level in terms of concepts, methods and strategies, but I do think there is a direct link to how the stakeholders who are coming would engage with today’s realities. Some of them will be from key institutions such as the AU, national planning entities of various countries, and other influential organisations – some of these being from the countries where very serious and worrying things are happening. We will get to collectively explore the various realities and trends, the importance of and options for dealing with these kinds of issues, and the consequences of various actions and inactions.

“So yes – topical issues will be discussed, as well as national, Africa-wide, and very local-level issues. And our goal is yet wider – to get those role players to understand how we think about the future, and how this relates to improving our action and decision-making today,” says Karuri-Sebina.

The coming together of the public and private sector to create real solutions is a major point that will be explored at the conference. As many of the participants will come from various sectors of society, Karuri-Sebina explains that one of the benefits of long-range thinking is that it somewhat neutralises the divide between the sectors and lends itself to seeking a common vision.

“There is no one in either sector who would say that in the long term, they want to see everything implode and nothing working. We really hope that this is the kind of Forum we can bring the two together and get them thinking about the common challenges and opportunities so that they can find common ground.”

Regarding the outcome of the Forum, Karuri-Sebina says the impact will be to engage the attendees of the conference in a process of thinking in different and deliberate ways. Stakeholders will hopefully leave with practical ideas about how they can implement what they have learnt in their respective sectors and spaces.

“There will be ample opportunity for practical reflection. We will also put out a document of the proceedings which will be published and distributed as widely as possible. We will also continue popularising futures thinking, which is our ongoing commitment to transforming Africa’s futures onto more positive trajectories,” concludes Karuri-Sebina.

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