They may be called dreadlocks but in truth there’s nothing to fear. Locks are a great way to preserve your natural hair while adding length.

But what if you’re too lazy to grow out your locks? On average, they take about five years to reach shoulder length depending on how well you take care of them.

Well we have just the solution for you!

Ciara (LEFT) debuted her fresh new look — honey-brown and blond dreadlock extensions this weekend on Instagram.

What we think is super cool about this style is that the locks look like they’re growing straight out of the scalp! It’s a fabulous way to achieve the lock look without having to wait for years to get there.

To rock this style, we recommend the Geri Braid from Frika. The range is stocked at Discom and you can find your nearest store here.

The Geri Braid is a long-lasting, value for money specialised fibre that’s versatile and a great style for the professional woman. It comes in two colors — 1B (coal black), and 27BT (a mixture of brown and ginger copper) and retails for about R70 a packet.

As much as we’re all for faux dreadlocks, we are not fans of Rihanna’s  (BELOW LEFT) and Nicki Minaj’s (BELOW RIGHT) take on this trend. Riri rocked hers with a fringe and in an undo style while Nicki’s were dyed an atrocious blonde colour. If you do go for this style rather work it like Ciara – she gets our stamp of approval!



Additional source: Frika