In what ways can dying your hair damage it?

Damage could be caused by applying colour when your hair isn’t healthy enough to handle the harsh chemicals. Before you colour your hair, you need to make sure it is nourished and healthy so as to be able to withstand any chemical damage, and to prevent breakage and moisture loss. If you’d like to colour your hair, but it’s not 100% healthy, try Dr Miracle Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment, which will strenthen and fortify your hair.

How do you prevent or minimise damage?

Make sure your hair is healthy before you colour it. You need to be consistent when it comes to maintaining and nourishing your hair because this is what keeps it strong. Make sure you go for treatments every two weeks and moisturise your hair daily to keep it healthy and strong.

Can you colour your hair at home?

Colouring your hair at home isn’t advisable. You may not understand how to apply the dye to your hair properly and could end up with uneven colouring. Your hairstylist has the skill and experience necessary to colour your hair correctly.

What common mistakes do people make when colouring their hair?

People sometimes get the colour wrong and choose a shade that doesn’t suit their skin tone. Always remember that the colour comes out one shade darker than the colour you see on the box, so keep that in mind when choosing your colour. Choose a shade that will compliment your skin tone and that’s easy to wear at the office and when you’re out on the weekend.

What products are good for keeping coloured hair healthy and nourished?

Most moisturising products are good for coloured hair. We recommend the Palmers conditioner and Mizani curl replenisher, which treats and rejuvenates dry, coloured hair. The AfroBotanics Repairing and Strengthening Treatment is also good as it prevents/repairs damage that may be caused by colouring. It contains natural ingredients (coconut oil, castor oil and mafura butter) which nourish and treat the hair and scalp to ensure healthy hair.

Which is better, temporary or permanent dye?

Temporary colour is much healthier than permanent colour because it doesn’t penetrate into your hair. It stays on the outer layer of hair, so it is less likely to damage your hair. It takes about 6 to 8 washes to remove the colour and you can apply colour again straight after as long as your healthy is healthy and strong.