Step 1: Sculpting the face

What you’ll need: Eye colour in Bone, Taupe or Statue, Dual Finish Pressed Powder and brushes.

The first step to this look is bringing dimension to the face by using the principles of highlighting and shadowing. Cream or powder products in tones similar to your natural skin tone work best. Look for the light spots and shadows of your face by using a mirror.

Step 2: The brows

What you’ll need: Eye colour in Pavement, Cake Eyeliner in Black and brushes.

The next step is designing the eyebrows. For a precise and realistic shape of the brows, draw hair by hair on the face chart. Using a fine brush, first sketch the position of the actual brow with a lighter colour. Next, apply the shade a little darker over the entire shape. Finally, accent the outer corner of the brow with an eyeliner.

Step 3: The eye make-up

What you’ll need: Eyeshadow in Canvas, Onyx, Statue, CFX1 in black, Cake Eyeliner in Black and brushes.

Apply a light eye colour to the inner corner of the eye. Then add a darker colour in the outer corner, extending it all over the upper lid and towards the eyebrow. For more intensity, first apply a creamier version of the colour, over the upper lid. Then blend it in using the powder form for a more precise transition.

Next, take a fine brush to line the eyes. Apply to both the top and bottom lids. Use the same brush with less product to create lashes with lots of volume. Give life to the iris by colouring it with colour pencils.

Step 4: The lips

What you’ll need: Lipstick in Sandy Beach, Cream Highlight in Light and a brush.

Using a cream product, blend it softly on the paper and add dimension by building up layers of product.