It’s important to remember that you’re not getting a gift for just any random person, but that you’re getting a gift for your loved one, so personalise, personalise, personalise! Make a list of everything you know about that person, including their favourite colour, most-loved chocolate, the types of stories that move them, their favourite activities, and ring, shoe, clothing sizes etc.

It may seem unecessary to write all this down, but doing so can really inspire an idea.

And because the gift-giving dates are not secret until the day before, you can spend the year drawing up a list of potential gift ideas. You don’t have to start wracking your brain when you barely have any time left before you need to hand over the much-anticipated gift.

Be Attentive

Sometimes you don’t have to think too deeply or look too far, sometimes the perfect gift idea is hovering right under your nose. If you pay close enough attention, you might find that your partner has been throwing subtle hints your way. Pay attention to what goodies get your partner excited in magazines,  that they’re drawn to when you go shopping, and, if you’re a tech-savvy couple, look at what is being liked on their Instagram.

Personalise some more

If finding the perfect gift is not enough, you might want to make it that much more special by personalising it. For example, if you choose a book, don’t just wrap it and hand it over. Take the time to write a special message in the book, and add the date thereby creating a beautiful memento. This is the same approach you should take with every type of gift. If you have no idea how to personalise an item, here’s what you do: Go onto Google and in the search bar, type: “how I can personalise [type in item]”, click Enter and prepare to be inspired.


If none of these work out, I guess you can resort to simply asking what your partner would like. This takes a lot of sentimental value away from the gift, but it’s a gift nonetheless and who doesn’t love receiving a pressie!


Price doesn’t determine the greatness of a gift. Yes, receiving something expensive is nice, but the thought and sentiment behind it count even more.

It’s also important to remember that maybe she doesn’t want a tangible thing – perhaps she’s looking forward to an experience. So consider taking her away to a nice resort for a weekend-away, or bungee jumping if that’s her thing. Make it something memorable.

Gift-giving is actually considered a skill, and like any other skill, one can continue to hone it. You must just be willing to put in a little effort and be willing to learn the tricks of the trade. And remember – always, always remove the price tag!