The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety [of America] is currently researching and developing new technology that could enable your car to detect your blood alcohol level so that it shuts down if you’re found to be over the limit.

Cars will be enabled to do this in two ways: a breath-based sensor and a touch-based sensor.

A YouTube video was published recently showing exactly how the system is expected to work. According to the video, the breath-based sensors would be able to measure alcohol molecules in the driver’s breath and automatically shut down if found to be over the limit.

On the other hand, the touch-based system could use near-infra-red tissue spectroscopy to detect the driver’s blood alcohol level.

“Alcohol absorbs specific wavelengths of light. By measuring the light’s intensity, the system can precisely pinpoint the driver’s blood alcohol level,” says the narrator in the video.

“Public-private research partnerships like DADSS have led to innovations that enhance our everyday lives, such as the Internet, GPS and the microchip. Now we have our sights set on inventing a world without drunk driving,” said Rob Strassburger, president and CEO of ACTS, in a statement to the press.

See how this technology will work: