You might think you have your grooming routine all sorted out, but just in case you don’t – here are five of the most common grooming mistakes men make.

Ignoring ear and nasal hair 

While ear and nasal hair serves a very important biological function by filtering out pathogens found in the air, they don’t need to stick out of your ears or nostrils in order to do this. Waxing, plucking, or just trimming them are three ways to deal with them.

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Forgetting about your beard

While it’s all good and well to have a scruffy-looking beard if that’s your thing, don’t forget that beards also need to be taken care of like the hair on your head. Wash your beard daily with your usual face wash and invest in a beard oil to use daily. Besides the fact that beard oils usually smell great, they also keep your beard healthy and prevent ‘beard dandruff’. They also keep iy tangle-free, soft and smooth.

Shaving with dry and old razors

Disposable razors are not meant to last longer than a week. If you’ve had yours longer than that, chuck it in the bin today and get a new one. An old, blunt razor can cause bleeding and burns by ripping the hair out of your face instead of slicing it off neatly.

Using an electric razor doesn’t mean you can now dry shave as the razor is still harsh on your skin and can cause razor burns, a scruffy shave and ingrown hairs. Always lubricate with shaving gel just after a shower when you’re hair is its softest.

Nail therapy 

Nails are quite easy to forget about. Sometimes you find a well-groomed man with the most unkempt nails and that small detail taints the whole image. When clipping your nails, the aim should always be to trim them down and not cut them so deep that you can see the nail bed.

To avoid uneven nails and fungal infections, you should also consider seeing a professional manicurist and pedicurist. These days it’s not unmanly, come on, even Al Pacino goes for one every once in a while.

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Too much fragrance

Sam Smith put it quite accurately in the second song of his debut album, Good Thing, stating that “too much of a good thing, won’t be good anymore”. This is true in many contexts of life, including the application of a fragrance. Not putting on any fragrance is better than putting on too much. Keep it to a maximum of three spritzes on pulse points behind the ear and on the wrists. Just a few extra spritzes could turn your potentially great smelling self into a ball of obnoxious fumes.

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