Fragrance layering has been trending in the beauty industry for some time now and it’s finally made it’s way into the male grooming sphere giving us a way to create our own signature scents.

The basic principle comes from the desire to create a complex, longer-lasting and more original scent. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, provided you stick to these basics.

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Family spirit

The easiest way to layer fragrances is by using products from a single range. For example, try showering with a body wash from Nivea, then use one of the brand’s after-shave balms and finally spray on an accompanying deodorant. This creates a more unified scent.

Clash control

The simple act of using soap, deodorant and a moisturiser means you’re already mixing scents. So try avoid creating a clash by focusing on common fragrance notes. If your cologne or EDT contains notes of vetiver and sandlawood accents, then a black pepper body wash will complement it perfectly. Keep notes of the same family together – fresh, green notes like vetiver, grass and lavender work well together, while spicy notes of cardamon, sandalwood and cloves pair exquisitely. Fruity and citrusy notes like lemon, lime and mandarin complement each other.

Take two

If you want to layer two EDTs together, the first rule of thumb is to spray the heavier fragrance first, wait for it to dry and then add the second fragrance. This is one of those trial-and-error kind of things so don’t be afraid to play around and try unusual combinations. Something unexpected might work really well together.

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It’s important to note that your skin’s chemistry interacts with the fragrance differently so always try scents out on your inner arm or wrist instead of paper strips. What works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you. And remember less is always more.

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