As the CEO of Africology, Renchia Droganis has come along way from mixing creams 15 years ago. With her passion and love for all things natural and healing, this accomplished businesswoman is an inspiration to others just starting their own journeys to success.

Why did you want to start your own business? In 2000, my passion for healing was expressed by mixing creams in my own pots and creating beautiful essential oil potions. It was inspired by a need to give more to my clients during healing sessions. I realised there was a need for bespoke and authentic beauty treatments that are healing in their ethos. I wanted to brand my creations, to encapsulate the essence of the work I do as well as my intention to bring wholeness and healing to the heart and mind.

What sets the new spa apart? Bringing eco-consciousness into aesthetic treatments is so important. With our delicate hormonal system, it’s important for woman to be conscious of how beauty can cause harm, especially when ethics in formulations are ignored. We use only the purest actives that are delivered directly onto the skin, making anti-ageing authentic and longer-lasting. In our partnership with Dr Mothomang, we’re aligned to being well in a natural manner.

What would you need to study to open a natural beauty business? Organic cosmetic chemistry. This can help so much in this process.

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What advice can you offer women who are seeking to start their own beauty brand?

  • Do thorough research and stay on top of international wellness trends.
  • Be persistent in your vision and keep on working towards the outcomes you envision.
  • Don’t follow others: be a “difference maker” in the industry. This is a powerful way to succeed.

Why do you focus on natural cosmetics? What are the benefits?

When you use what nature creates, it synergises with what your biology creates. Natural products work with the hormonal system, instead of against it.

Our body responds really well to natural products. Certain chemicals that are commonly found in skin care products can cause skin sensitivity or dryness, which plays a big role in wrinkles and sagging.

When we feed the skin with pure, cold-pressed oil, we prevent the sebaceous glands from flaring up. This can help prevent inflammation and acne.

Lastly, by going natural you also preserve the integrity of our planet, preserving it for the next generation.

Your advice on the perfect summer skin care routine?

Good hydration is crucial in preventing water loss from the skin. This is most important to avoid the forming of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your top three essentials to combat hyper-pigmentation?

  • One needs to be careful in selecting active ingredients, however, vitamin C and low dosages of vitamin A and glutathione work very well.
  • Stay out of the sun and be very careful of skin care ingredients that contain a perfume.
  • IV glutathione infusions directly into the blood stream have shown good results in Hollywood.