Any motor enthusiast worth his salt will tell you how satisfying the deep roar of a turbo-charged engine is. If you want to improve your car’s speed and perfomance, the guys at RGMotorsport can do it. With over 22 years’ experience in car enhancement, the team can set you up with enough kit to satisfy your need for speed. One of the cars they worked on exceeded 750kW!

There are different ways to improve your car’s performance. A First-Stage conversion includes an exhaust upgrade, remapping of the ECU by means of the Uni-Q Chip, as well a serviceable performance air filter.

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Second- and Third-Stage conversions consist of, depending on the car, RGMotorsport’s carbon-fibre cold-air induction kits, Techniflow performance exhaust systems, larger turbochargers and intercoolers, as well as bolt-on superchargers and other enhancements on extreme project cars.

While fast is good, safety is still important. When making your car faster, Jacques Joubert, RGMotorsport media manager, says they recommend enhancing your car’s other safety features, such as breaks, at the same time.

Watch as DESTINY MAN experiences the enhanced Toyota 86 Supercharged and the Golf7 R: