Our fathers knew the importance of fashion and grooming, and they understood that the two go hand in hand. You can’t pair a sharp suit and shoes with unkempt and crusty hands and feet.

Good grooming includes taking care of your hands and feet – both the skin and nails. With celebrities like Al Pacino, Dennis Rodman and Seal, who represent the modern masculine ideal getting treatments on a regular basis, it’s time to give your hands and feet the same care you would your face. Take it from us: it will pay handsome professional and personal dividends.

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Here are the tools you will need to give your hands and feet the salon treatment at home:  

Nail clippers/nail file

These are, of course, for trimming your nails. Make sure you don’t cut too deep. For a more refined, clean look, rather file your nails – always filing in one direction only. While it may take a bit longer, it’s worth the effort.

A bowl of warm soapy water

Fill a bowl with warm soapy water and soak your hands or feet for about 10 minutes. Stare at the wall, ponder the complexities of life, or watch TV – whatever you need to do to pass the time. This soaking will soften the skin.

Nail brush

Immediately after your 10-minute soak and ponder, grab a brush and scrub your nails to remove any loose skin and dirt.

Cuticle pusher

Use this handy tool to push back the dead skin that grows over the bottom of your nails. This small detail makes a major difference, resulting in a clean and healthy look and preventing torn cuticles.

Nail buff

Give your hands and feet a quick rinse, then buff your nails as you would polish a pair of dress shoes. This will strengthen them and add a natural shine.


The final step is to moisturise your hands and feet. Ingredients to look for in a good lotion include glycerin, urea and propylene – these make the skin appear smoother and free of wrinkles for a short time. Also look for petrolatum, paraffin and lanolin – these help keep your skin hydrated when it’s exposed to wind or dry air.

A great hand moisturiser to try out is the Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment (100ml, R295). The non-oily formula has powerful skin-repairing benefits and has been specifically adapted to care for men’s skin. It also calms irritated skin and prevents calluses.

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We also recommend Dermalogica Hand and Nail cream (75ml, R450), Nivea Men Crème (75ml, R40) and Sorbet Nourish Hand and Nail Cream (75ml, R30). They all come in easy-to-carry tubes or tubs and will keep your hands and feet nourished.

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